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Somewhere in this country, in a small, small town, there is a post office, larger than you think but not as big as you imagine.

It's not like regular post offices. The mail that is there isn't going on to the sender's friend, relative, or customer. No, the mail that ends up at this particular post office is staying there. For how long, you ask? It could be forever, it could be for only a few months.

Some of the mail sits there, unopened. A package or two occasionally grows legs and follows an unsuspecting person home. Magazines throw themselves into the wastebasket. Bills, on the other hand, always know how to get to their recipients, making their stay in this postal Purgatory short indeed. Once in a blue moon, a Christmas card will make a break for it, a "Found in thought to be empty equipment" stamp the only sign of their stay.

Currently, three packages of mine are at this out of the way post office. Two of them are Disney DVDs, and they've been there a while. The newest is an Easter present my friend Rachel sent me. I hope it's having fun with the other two.
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