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This, that, and the other

Mother's Day has come and gone, and Mom still doesn't have a new rocker. After Mass on Saturday, she, Dad, and I went to Rod Kush's (a discount furniture store), but they were closed. Then we tried Furniture Row. They were closed too. Finally, we tried Nebraska Furniture Mart. Now, that place calls itself "America's Largest Furniture Store." How pathetic is it that they only had four wooden rocking chairs, none of which were what Mom was looking for? Ugh... Mom's going to Walt Disney World next week for a conference. Maybe Dad and I can surprise her with one when she gets back.

It's allergy season, and boy am I feeling it. The cottonwood trees are blooming, and while the fluffy white stuff in the air looks pretty, it's hell on my sinuses. I'm still looking for an allergic med that will take care of all my symptoms but won't knock me out.

Bought a couple of DVDs at Amazon. They should be in tomorrow.

I was planning on seeing Van Helsing, but Mark and Patty saw it on Friday. They said the friar was funny, but the ending ruined the whole movie for them. Ah well. Troy comes out Friday. Hopefully, Lindsey and I will see it soon.
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