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I know, I know, I haven't been posting much lately.

That's what comes from not having much to post about.

I do have a few things to mention today.

Kalob (aka Kabob) is 6 months old today!

Reilly got baptised yesterday, and guess who is his godmother. *beams* Robert's friends Chris and Tim are his godfathers. He looked so cute (though a little too girly for my taste) in his christening gown. He didn't cry when the priest poured the holy water on his head, but that's probably because he was asleep at the time. I gave him a Classic Pooh ceramic bank and a set of Classic Pooh stuffed animal rattles -- Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet. After Mass, everyone came over for a cook-out. Later, we celebrated Father's Day. I gave Dad the Master and Commander book and DVD. He liked the movie when he saw it in the theater. Hopefully, he'll like the book too.

I'm addicted to a newish reality show on Bravo called Blow Out. It's about a new beauty salon in Beverly Hills. Of course, the best way to experience Blow Out is to watch the show and read/post at the message board for it at the TWoP Forum. The other posters in the forum love to snark, it's great.

A&E is showing what looks to be a very cool TV movie tonight called Pride. They're calling it a live-action Lion King -- they took footage of real lions and used CGI to move their mouths while British actors did their voices. If nothing else, it sounds cool because of some of the actors:

Kate "Titanic/Sense And Sensibility" Winslet
Helen "Gosford Park" Mirren
Jim "Moulin Rouge!" Broadbent
Sean "LOTR/Troy" Bean
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