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This day is going so slooooow!

Latest News
Personal: Not much other than finishing OOTP. I really should get back to my Marcus/Hermione story.

Family: Robert gets sworn in Thursday. No, it's not the same as sworn at. :-) He'll be an official deputy sheriff. Next step is the police academy.

Local: The CWS is over! Halleluiah! Oh, and Rice won.

National: Lil Kim had $250,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her at NYC's JFK airport. Okay, what person in their right mind goes on a trip with that much jewelry? Then again, Lil Kim isn't in her right mind. Don't believe me? Take a look at her wardrobe.

International: A couple in India were worried that their nine-year-old daughter was cursed with bad luck because one of her teeth was coming in wrong. So what did they do? They married her to a stray dog. Yes, you heard me. A stray dog. WTF?

Maybe I should rename this "News Of The Weird."
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