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State joke meme

Stolen from fantabulous

1) go to google.com and type in "You know you're from (your state here) if..."
2) pick out whatever you wish and bold the ones that apply to you.
3) post it in an entry.
4) have your friends do it themselves!

You know you're from Nebraska if...

...you can tell the difference between a cow and a horse from a distance. There was just one time when I confused the two.

...you don't have to be told what Aksarben is or that it's Nebraska spelled backward.

...you take pride in knowing that on Saturdays, Memorial stadium is the third largest city in the state.

...you know how to pronounce Beatrice, Norfolk and Kearney. "bee-AT-riss," "NOR-fork," "CAR-nee."

...you know what U.P. stands for. Union Pacific.

...you think pheasants are the most beautiful bird in the world.

...you know what a Runza is. I'd rather not eat one, though.

...you can't figure out why Johnny Carson left in the first place.

...you think Highway 6 is more scenic that I-80, which you think is the best thing to come out of Iowa.

...you are related to more than half the town.

...you don't put too much effort into hairstyles, due to the weather. One word -- wind.

...there's a tornado warning and the whole town is outside watching for the tornado.

...the local gas station sells live bait.

...you know the Woodmen Tower is not made of wood.

...you don't buy all your vegetables at the grocery store.

...you go to the State Fair for your ONLY vacation.

...you get up at 5:30 a.m. and go to the coffee shop.

...you are on a first name basis with the county sheriff.

...little smokies are something you serve only for special occasions.

...you go to the lake because you think it is like going to the ocean.

...you know what the "sea of red & white" is. Husker fans at Memorial Stadium.

...all your radio preset buttons are country-western stations.

...you try to find the cheapest motel room while going out of town.

...you listen to the weather forecast before picking out an outfit.

...you are walking knee deep in snow. Well, in the winter.

...you call the wrong number by mistake and talk to the person for an hour anyway.

...you know cow pies are not made of beef.

...your early morning prayer covers rain, cattle, and Tom Osborne.

...you wake up when it's dark, and go to bed when it's still light. I have done that a couple of times.

...you consider a romantic evening to include driving through McDonalds and renting a hunting instruction video.

...you listen to "Paul Harvey" every day at noon.

...your nearest neighbor is in the next area code.

...you leave your snow tires on year-round.

...you know the difference between field corn and sweet corn when they are still on the stalk.

...you pick up all the free stuff at the State Fair.

...football schedules are checked before wedding dates are set.

...you can eat an ear of corn with no utensils in less than 20 seconds.

...you don't clean up the dog's mess because it is just fertilizer.

...you know enough to get your driving done early on Sundays (before the Sunday drivers come out).

...it takes 30 seconds to reach your destination and it's clear across town.

...you can tell the smell of a skunk and the smell of a feedlot apart. Sadly, yes.
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