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Holmes progress.

So far, I've read A Study in Scarlet (STUD), The Sign of Four (SIGN), "A Scandal In Bohemia" (SCAN), "The Red-Headed League" (REDH), and "A Case of Identity" (IDEN). I just started "The Boscombe Valley Mystery" (BOSC).

Of the stories I've finished reading, the ones I like the most are SIGN and SCAN. That's probably because in SIGN, Watson meets his future wife, and in SCAN, Holmes meets "the woman." Yeah, I'm a romantic at heart, can you tell? Still, I don't think Holmes loved Irene Adler. I think it was more admiration.

My OC love interest for Sherlock has a name, a personality, a family, and an appearance. I'm toying with various ideas for her occupation. And of course, she has a problem for Holmes and Watson to solve.
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