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No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth.

*dodges lynch mob* I have two perfectly good reasons why I haven't updated since the 13th.

1. Hurricane season in Florida.

Thanks to Charley, Frances, and Ivan, things have been a lot busier at work. Did I mention that I actually came in to work on Labor Day to help out our after-hours line? Yeah, that was a waste of five hours. At least I got OT. Jeanne's going to make things "interesting" this week. And on top of everything else, September and October are the traditionally busiest travel months. Lovely.

So that covers the week of September 13th.

2. I was on vacation.

When it was time to sign up for 2004 Paid Time Off days back in December, I asked for the week of September 20th. At the time, I was planning to visit my then-friend Rachel. About a month(?) ago, I stopped communicating with Rachel entirely. Her self-centeredness finally got to me.

So instead, I spent this past week chilling. I watched almost all of my Sherlock Holmes DVDs, a lot of VH-1 Mega Hits (I think that's what that channel's called) and Music Choice. My week was actually more interesting than it might sound. I had hoped to start writing my Holmesfic, but I'm still in the research stage. Ugh...

I really don't want to go back to work on Monday.
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