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A boo-tiful day

My office is celebrating Halloween today.

I'm dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood -- red hooded cape from buycostumes.com, white button-down shirt, black knee-length skirt, white knee-high socks, black mary janes, basket of fake food and fake flowers, and plush wolf. I look like Little Red Riding Hood, if she went to Catholic school.

One of my coworkers is dressed up as banana bread -- her hat has a fake loaf of bread and a bunch of real bananas. A couple of people are dressed as hippies or 70's disco freaks.

A couple of the teams decorated their area as the 4077th from M*A*S*H. They even put signs on the bathroom doors that say "Latrine."

I'm starving. Thankfully, we're also having a food day.
Tags: holidays
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