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It's Saturday night. Where has my weekend gone?

Latest News
Personal: Not much. Still haven't done more to the Marcus/Hermione story. Sad, huh? My muse has flown the coop.

Family: Robert leaves for the police academy tomorrow. He'll be home on the weekends.

Local: Neighbors in a suburb of Omaha are trying to block a homeowner from moving her '60s-era house to their '80s-era neighborhood, saying that the house wouldn't fit in. Honestly, who cares if the house doesn't? The neighborhood I live in was built in the '70s. There are about five or six different house designs repeated throughout the neighborhood. The one exception is a ranch house. So what if it doesn't match? It has character.

National: Remember that woman who hit a homeless man with her car and just left him to die stuck in the windshield? She got 50 years. Betcha she'll be out in five with good behavior. Me, cynical? Nah.

International: The deforestation rate of the Amazon jungle is up 40%. If you're not already recycling, you should be.
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