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Kalob's first birthday party

I got off early yesterday because we were celebrating Mark (real birthday Jan 7) and Kalob's (real birthday Dec 21) birthdays last night. To my surprise, Mark, Patty, and Kalob picked me up from work.

They were the ones to do it because there's a photography studio in the same shopping complex as my work. Patty's mom Laurie, Patty's brother Charles, Charles' now ex-wife Christy (the divorce was final yesterday), their 2-year-old daughter Rosalyn, and Charles' five-year-old son Benny from his first marriage were also there. The photographer (a really sweet woman who seemed younger than I am) was very good about getting the kids to smile (though Kalob only smiled about half the time). The first group was of all of them together. Then it was Mark, Patty, and Kalob. Then Laurie and her grandkids. Then Charles and his kids. I think there was also one of Charles, Christy, and Rosalyn, but I'm not sure. Everyone had white shirts on (Laurie's idea) except Rosalyn's turtleneck was closer to gray than white.

After that, Mark, Patty, Kalob and I went home. Patty helped Mom get ready for the party while Mark played Halo 2 all afternoon. Addict.

Everyone came for the party around 6. We had chili with all the fixings. For the cakes, Mark and Kalob shared one sheet cake with Cookie Monster on it (that's what Mark had for his first birthday) and Kalob had his own small cake with Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird on it. Well, Patty set the little cake in front of Kalob. He looked at it like "You expect me to eat all this?" then he grabbed a handful of frosting. Mark thought he was taking too long, so he stuck his fingers in the frosting then smeared it on Kalob's cheek. My nephew promptly burst into tears. It turns out he hates getting dirty. Who'd have thought?

After Patty and Mom cleaned him up and calmed him down, Mark and Kalob opened their presents. My parents gave Kalob this activity cube thing. I gave him a little toy police car that has a light and a siren and rolls by itself. Between those toys and the three toddlers, things got pretty noisy. Is it any wonder I had a headache by the end of the party? Oh, and Benny has more energy than ten Energizer Bunnies. His mother must have the patience of a saint.
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