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What a way to end 2004

Mark, Patty, Kalob, Robert, and Reilly were at the house when I got home from work. I was home for almost an hour when Patty said that Rachel had called looking for me at noon, even though I had told Rachel I had to work today.

Anyway, I was laying on the couch in the family room, watching TV. Robert's cat Valentine (yeah, we're still cat-sitting) was laying on me. Kalob was standing against the couch, reaching over to pet the cat. He lost his balance and fell on his face, hard. He started crying. Mark came and got him and took him down to the basement. He cried for a while, and it seemed like non-stop. About half an hour after he fell, Patty was in the kitchen, holding him. He was crying again, and I thought he was still crying. And his cry sounded different, like he was hurt. Mark was there too, and he and Patty were talking. I thought I heard them say that Kalob was bleeding. Thinking that he'd knocked out one of his brand new teeth or something when he fell, I asked if he was hurt.

Patty's response? "Yeah, I'm whipping him," or words to that effect. Then she goes off on me, asking if I'd had a kid if the past few weeks or so. I said no, and she said that I had no business to be telling them how to raise Kalob when I had no kids and couldn't take care of myself. Robert heard all of this from the living room.

Anyway, Mark, Patty, and Kalob left just as Lindsey came. I heard Robert telling Linds what happened. I went out there to talk about it. Robert and Linds were very supportive of me, but I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Sure enough, I started to get choked up and went back to the family room, crying my eyes out. I think if I wasn't PMSing (TMI, but I don't care) right now, I wouldn't have started crying. I just would've been pissed. I really don't cry that often.

I stayed on the couch for a while, it seemed, until Mom and Dad got home. Robert and Linds told them what happened. Mom came into the family room and talked to me about it. She thinks Patty's jealous of me because she's got a husband and two kids to take care of, while I have few responsibilities. I think Mom's way off on that.

I know Patty's pregnant and I know she was probably stressed out. Mom thinks I should've told her off (you could've knocked me over with a feather when she said that), but I know it wouldn't have done any good, 'cause then it would've been Patty and me having a big ol' fight, and Mark would of course choose his wife over his sister. That would've made things so much worse. No, thanks.

I keep dwelling on it, still. Rachel thinks I'm over-reacting, but then she's never been in a situation like that.

I've decided that my main resolution for 2005 is to stay the hell away from Patty. I know it's probably immature, but it's better than either being subjected to her moods or fighting with her, and that would be horrible.

God, she's such a bitch.
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