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Idea blatantly stolen from ditchdigger

My Work Lexicon

Chimera - My pseudonym for the company I work for, made up of very different divisions. We don't even communicate with each other.

Chimera Corporate Travel - The division I work for. We're not as recognizable as the other divisions.

Christmas tree - When we get so busy that all the lights on my phone blink because we have calls on hold.

Flotsam - My team leader (aka TL). She's okay for the most part.

Green - My second account. Bankers, lawyers, and stock brokers.

Icarus - The computer reservation system we use. Known to crash every so often.

Icarus Domestic - Flotsam and Jetsam's teams. We handle domestic (as in all of North America) travel for the accounts that use Icarus.

Jetsam - The other Icarus Domestic team leader. Also one of my many ex-team leaders. He's out there like Pluto, but he's okay.

meet and eat - When vendors, usually bearing food, come to visit with the agents.

Mr. Chimera - Flotsam and Jetsam's boss. He is almost scarily gung-ho about Chimera. Green loves him.

Ms. Janus - Mr. Chimera's boss. Always have to watch yourself around her.

Pandemonium - 1) Total chaos. 2) The capital of Hell (according to Milton's Paradise Lost). Or in other words, the office.

Pink - My first account. Mostly sales people.

Yellow - My third account. Mostly computer people. I'm not fond of this account.
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