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Frequently Used Fanfic Terms™ (FUFT™) v. 2.0

I'm reposting the FUFT™ and adding to it. Yes, I actually did manage to find new words.

adult *** -- A fic that involves sex. Adult fics can have a rating of R or NC-17.

alphabet story -- A fic that has twenty-six sentences, the first word of each sentence starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Usually, the order is A - Z, but there are some that go Z - A.

alternate ending -- A fic where the writer rewrites the ending of a book, movie, etc.

AN, A/N -- See Author's Notes.

angst -- Sad, depressing, moody, etc. Angsty fics are not happy fics by any means. Angst always lends drama to the story. Opposite of fluff.

archive -- A website that houses fics.

archivist -- Someone that runs an archive.

AU -- Short for Alternate Universe. Fics that put the characters in a different universe than the one the original work is set in. An example would be setting Lord Of The Rings in Victorian England.

Author's Notes -- Notes the writer adds to give the background of the story, thank the beta-reader, ask for reviews, and state where and whether they want the story archived. Can be at the beginning or end of the story. Occasionally found during the story in parentheses, but this is not recommended as it interrupts the flow of the story.

badfic -- A fic that is purposely written badly for a humorous effect. Cousin of sillyfic.

BDSM *** -- Short for Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism. I'm not going to define those words. I'll only say that BDSM fics are very adult.

beta -- See beta-read or beta-reader.

beta-read -- To proofread or edit a fic for a writer. "Beta" is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. So, to beta-read a fic is to be the second person to read it, the writer being the one who reads it first.

beta-reader -- Someone who proofreads or edits a fic for a writer. It's not recommended that writers be their own beta-readers. A beta-reader should be someone who gives constructive criticism when necessary.

bish, bishie, bishy -- Short for bishounen.

bishoujo -- An anime term, it means a cute girl.

bishounen -- A common anime term, it means a cute boy.

Britpick -- To edit a fic specifically looking for errors in British word usuage, concepts, etc. Quite common, and quite necessary, for HPfics.

Britpicker -- Someone who Britpicks a fic, usually someone from the UK.

canon -- All the information from the original work. For example, CSI canon would be from the episodes. Harry Potter canon would be from the books and interviews given by JK Rowling but not the movies. LOTR canon would be from the books and the movies. Opposite of fanon.

challenge -- A fic challenge is where one writer challenges other writers to write fics with specific guidelines, usually with a deadline.

character death -- A fic where a main character dies. Usually a major source of angst for the surviving characters.

collaboration -- A fic written by two or more writers working together.

cookie -- See vignette.

crossover -- A fic where the writer combines two separate universes. For example, firelion once wrote a fic that combined characters from Labyrinth and Jem and the Holograms. Usually, but not always, a character from one universe will fall for a character from the other universe.

darkfic *** -- Similar to an angsty fic, but more intense. Torture, rape, and character death are common.

(description)!(name) -- A persona of a character that often varies from canon. An example would be Leather Pants!Draco.

disclaimer -- A note the writer adds stating what the writer owns (usually the plot and any original characters) and what the writer doesn't (everything else, really).

drabble -- A fic that only has 100 words. Double drabbles have 200.

epilogue -- Action that takes place in a fic after the main storyline. Opposite of prologue.

FA -- Short for Fiction Alley, probably the largest Harry Potter archive on the net.

fandom -- The fans.

fanon -- Information made up by fans instead of the original creators. Opposite of canon.

feedback -- See review.

femmeslash *** -- A fic that centers on lesbian sex. Cousin of slash.

f/f *** -- See femmeslash.

FF.net -- Short for Fanfiction.net, the largest general fanfic archive on the net.

filk -- Song lyrics written by a fan about a book, movie, etc., usually set to the tune of someone else's song.

fix-it -- A fic that is an attempt by the writer to repair something they don't like about a book, movie, etc.

flame -- A hateful review. Not the same as constructive criticism.

fluff -- Sweet, happy, usually romantic. Fluffy fics are usually short. Opposite of angst.

Gary Stu -- A male Mary Sue.

gen -- See general.

general -- A sort of catch-all genre. General fics are usually not adult and don't contain anything that falls under another genre. On the flip side of that, general fics could contain things from several genres. It simply depends on the writer.

genre -- The type of story that a fic is. Examples: romance, action, humor, suspense, etc. A fic often falls under more than one genre.

het *** -- Short for heterosexual. A fic that centers on or includes heterosexual sex. Opposite of slash.

HPfic -- A fic about the Harry Potter universe.

HRH -- Short for Harry, Ron, and Hermione of Harry Potter. Not as a threesome.

hurt/comfort -- A fic where one character is hurt physically and/or emotionally and another character comforts them.

(initials)/(initials) -- Short for a relationship between the characters that have those initials. An example would be SS/HG (Severus Snape and Hermione Granger of Harry Potter).

Labyfic -- A fic about the Labyrinth universe.

lemon *** -- See adult.

love/hate -- A fic where the main characters can't decide if they love or hate each other.

Marauders -- See MWPP.

Mary Sue -- An original character that is an idealized version of the writer. Considered very annoying mainly because they're so perfect. The writer is usually the only person who finds them entertaining. Good Mary Sues are characters that the readers find entertaining too. Unfortunately, those are hard to find.

megafic -- A crossover that combines several universes. One good example is firelion's Herald Tales.

metafic -- A fic where characters from a book, movie, etc. appear in the real world. Confusion ensues. Also can be a fic where real people appear in a fictional world.

missing scene -- A fic that takes place between two scenes of a book, movie, etc.

m/m *** -- See slash.

mpreg *** -- Short for male pregnancy. A fic that centers on a homosexual relationship where one of the males becomes pregnant, by whatever means.

MS -- See Mary Sue.

MSR -- Short for Mulder/Scully romance, a common type of X-Files fic.

MWPP -- Short for Moony (Remus Lupin), Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew), Padfoot (Sirius Black), and Prongs (James Potter). Frequent characters in HPfics.

MWPP era -- The time period from when MWPP were in school up to when Voldemort killed James and Lily. A favorite era of some HPfic writers.

(name)/other -- A fic where a canon character is paired with an OC.

nanofic -- A fic with only 55 words. Very rare.

non-con *** -- Short for non-consentual sex, as in rape. Very adult.

novel-length -- A fic that is as long as a book. Most fics are considerably shorter.

OC -- Short for Original Character. A character the writer creates.

OFC -- Short for Original Female Character. Can be a Mary Sue.

OMC -- Short for Original Male Character. Can be a Gary Stu.

one-shot -- A story with no sequel or prequel.

OOC -- Short for Out-Of-Character. When a canon character is acting differently than they do in the original work. Intensity can vary from subtle to extreme or somewhere in between. Not appreciated by all fanfic readers.

pairing -- See ship.

parody -- A fic that humorously imitates the style of a book, movie, etc. or another fic.

plot bunny -- An idea for a fic that the writer cannot get out of their head.

post-episode -- A fic for a TV show that takes place directly after the events of a certain episode.

POV -- Short for Point Of View. I would hope your English teacher explained what that means.

prequel -- A fic that takes place before another fic. Opposite of sequel.

prologue -- Action that takes place in a fic before the main storyline. Opposite of epilogue.

PWP *** -- Short for Plot? What Plot? or Porn Without Plot. An adult fic, usually short, that is only about sex.

r + r, r/r, r&r, rnr -- Short for read and review. Very common request by writers in their summaries.

rating -- Fics often have ratings to give you some idea of the content. They usually follow the format the Motion Picture Association of America uses -- G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17.

review -- Comment made by a person who has read a fic. Can vary from "I love it!" to "That's the worst piece of trash I've ever read!" to "I loved the dialogue, but the plot needed more action." Reviews are cherished by the writers who receive them. Many writers will even beg for them.

round robin -- Similar to a collaboration, it is where one writer starts a fic, another writer adds to it, a third writer adds to that, and so on.

sequel -- A fic that takes place after another fic. Opposite of prequel.

ship -- Short for relationship. A romantic relationship between two characters.

shipper -- Short for relationshipper. A fan who believes that two characters should have a romantic relationship, whether or not those characters do in canon.

shoujo-ai *** -- An anime term for a lesbian fic that focuses on the relationship instead of the sex. Cousin of shounen-ai.

shounen-ai *** -- An anime term for a homosexual fic that focuses on the relationship instead of the sex. Cousin of shoujo-ai.

sillyfic -- A fic purposely written to be ridiculous for a humorous effect. Cousin of badfic.

slash *** -- A fic that centers on or includes homosexual sex. Opposite of het. Cousin of femmeslash.

smut *** -- See adult.

Snapefic -- A fic that centers on the character Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

songfic -- A fic that includes lyrics from a song. The plot may be centered around the lyrics. Considered lowbrow by some fanfic writers.

spoiler -- Something that gives away something (like a plot point) from the original work.

squick *** -- A fic that might make some people uncomfortable. Not for everyone.

summary -- A short description of a fic, usually written by the writer, though some are written by the archivist.

teaser -- Similar to a movie trailer, it's a vignette posted to whet the readers' appetites. The full story is usually posted shortly.

TIIC -- Short for The Idiots In Charge. This is what some writers call TPTB when they are unhappy with them.

TPTB -- Short for The Powers That Be. The person or people who own the original work. For example, TPTB for Harry Potter would be JK Rowling, her publishers, and the Warner Bros. studio. For Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

universe -- The characters, world, and reality of a particular book, movie, etc.

UST *** -- Short for Unresolved Sexual Tension. Hormones are running wild and there's no relief in sight.

vignette -- A very short fic, sometimes only one scene.

visitation -- A Labyfic metafic where Jareth visits the writer.

WAFF -- Short for Warm And Fuzzy Feelings. See fluff.

WIP -- Short for Work In Progress. A fic that isn't finished yet.

WIKTT *** -- Short for When I Kissed The Teacher. An adult HPfic mailing list devoted to the pairing of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. Frequently has fanfic challenges.

xover, x-over -- See crossover.

yaoi *** -- See slash.

yuri *** -- See femmeslash.

Wow. I'm up to 112 entries. Too cool. If I missed anything, let me know.
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