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Ugh, it's Monday

Latest News
Personal: I actually worked some more on my Marcus/Hermione story. I'm halfway through Hermione's bio. Not much, I know, but it's something, right?

Family: Mom's going to a conference in New Orleans next week. Lindsey's working on a list of what she wants Mom to get her there. From what I understand, it's a long list. A major item is an LSU baby track suit.

Local: There's a fire at the Frito Lay factory in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the Missouri River from us. I guess those potato chips are barbeque flavor now. :-)

National: Katharine Hepburn died yesterday at the age of 96. Now she was a class act. Everyone should watch The Philadelphia Story today in memory of her.

International: Israel and Palestine have signed a truce, but do we really think they're going to abide by it? Survey says: Heck no.
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