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Ow... I've been having terrible lower back pain since Friday morning. I fractured my tailbone during the winter of my sophomore year of high school, and it's never really been the same since. Usually, it only bothers me that time of the month for some ungodly reason. I think this time around it's from tossing and turning too much when I'm trying to sleep. I've been using these thermal stick-on things off and on, and also taking muscle relaxers, but all they do really is take the edge off the pain. My back did feel better yesterday, but today it's as bad as it was over the weekend.

As you can imagine, it's hard for me to be creative when I'm in pain, so I haven't done much to either the bio I've been working on for my little OC for firelion's X-Men rpg, or the Laby story that's been brewing in my head for weeks. All I really did yesterday was read more of a POTO phic I found at fanfiction.net -- Who is this Angel? Despite some grammar problems and a little OOCness, it's a really good Erik/Meg fic so far.
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