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I got my Phantom of the Opera DVD yesterday. I watched the movie, the trailer, and the deleted scene last night. Yeah, just one deleted scene. But it's a good one -- Erik singing another song ALW wrote for the movie. It's called "No One Would Listen," and it has the same tune as "Learn To Be Lonely." It's about why Erik is obsessed with Christine.

Would you believe the DVD doesn't have any commentary? I was hoping for the director's at least.

At least the movie's good. Though, I did come up with one more complaint about Gerard Butler's Erik. The deformed half of his face doesn't look very ugly. I mean, he looks like he was a burn victim. I believe I said this in my original review of the movie, but it's even more obvious on the small screen. It seems like everyone makes a big deal about Erik's face simply because he does. If he didn't hide his face, I'm sure everyone who spent more than five minutes in his company wouldn't notice.
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