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Pet Peeves

People who light fireworks on days other than July 4. I think I heard this season's first firecrackers back in May. Of course, I've heard fireworks every night this week. Too much noise for me. I shudder to think of tomorrow night, but at least then it'll be appropriate.

Romance novel heroines whose biggest problem is that a man is interested in them. *gags*

Clients who call me "honey," "hon," or "miss." I know I sound like I'm 15 over the phone, as one Southwest Airlines agent was kind enough to point out to me, but I'm not.

While we're on the subject, I'll add people who patronize me. Just because I look a few years younger than I really am that doesn't mean I'm a child.

People who use netspeak. I'm not about to read a story where the summary goes like this: "If u like smut, ur sure 2 like this. Written b4 book 5 came out. Plz r&r." *rolls eyes*

Year 5 HPfics with the title Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that were written while people were waiting for Book 5 to come out. Like I'm supposed to believe that they knew what JK was plotting. Of course, now everyone's writing Book 6 stories.

Fic writers who don't do enough research before they write their stories.

Fic writers who don't employ beta-readers.

Fic writers who couldn't use grammar properly to save their damn lives.

Fic writers who can't spell canon characters' names correctly. Honestly, people, look 'em up!

More to come.
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