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I think someone moved the location of hell to my bedroom

Feck, it's hot in here. My room is right above the garage, and since our central air doesn't flow through there, my room is blistering in the summer and freezing in the winter. Spring and Fall are the only comfortable seasons for me, so I can't wait till October.

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I was too busy downloading MSN Messenger v 6.0, which took no less than three tries, then firelion and I congratulated ourselves on our success by playing Bejeweled, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Solitaire. Hopefully, non-posting days will be few and far between.

Latest News
Personal: I worked on the prologue for my Marcus/Hermione story. Not done yet, maybe by the end of this week.

Family: My parents' anniversary was yesterday. 28 years, which puts them in the minority these days. Sad, huh? I mean, how many of you out there have parents who are still married? Mom's in New Orleans this week for a conference. Mom says the Air Force decided on there because no one in their right minds (and the AF is not in their right minds, as any AF brat will tell you) will go to New Orleans in July because it's too damn hot. At least the hotels are cheap. Mom says she'll be spending all of her free time in her hotel room with the air conditioning on high.

Local: One indication that Nebraska is broke -- Omaha Public Schools, among other NE school systems, is suing the state for funding. Heard it would cost NE taxpayers $65 million if they win.

National: There's a headline on MSN that I never thought I'd see -- "Telemarketers worry about their jobs." I have nothing against telemarketers as individuals, but I hate that industry. I don't like spending my days off answering the phone when that's all I do at work.

International: Williams Wins Wimbledon. Serena Williams, that is. She beat her sister Venus. Now, Venus had been injured, so I'm wondering who would've won had they both been 100%.
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